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Monday, November 2, 2015

RSP Creative Studios Commercial Trailer

RSP Creative Studios is a Video Marketing Service Company specializing in commercials, informecials, corporate training, independent shorts--any High Definition video projects.  What we offer our typical client is full production services.  We have initial and on-going consultations with our client defining demographics and creating the "script" using keywords and phrases culled directly from the client. We cast, select location...either in our studio, or on remote shoot.  We cut, edit and produce the final product preparing it for multiple platform release.   We post the product on all appropriate social media platforms.  We even offer you monitoring and management services.  Our goal is to keep your message up to date and on target. We aren't just shooting video we assist you in the complete marketing process of your --video.  Contact us: or visit our website: or call us: 818-257-4378.  Check us out on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn.

Please visit:Twitter: @FilmRobin for up-to-date info on where I am traveling for ART.LinkedIn: for complete resume & work -- Look for Dr. Robin Scott Peters Ebooks now available.YouTube: for all my video work.