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Thursday, July 25, 2013

Thunder Moon

Dear Friends on July 22, 2013 I shot the following amazing lightning show during the full moon, or Thunder Moon as it is called.  Enjoy the show!!

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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

ARTING About...? The Art of Business - MAXIMIZE YOUR VALUABLE TIME major tool for success.

Image of Robin Scott Petersby Robin Scott Peters


Maximizing Your Time -- You got to give some to get some!

     I need to find a way to polish my skills. I want to maximize the potential of the programs I use in my day to day business.  I need something that respects the time I am giving to it; because time is money and time is precious.  I look for ways to pinpoint the information I need.  Not spend endless minutes --which feel like hours when you have a dead line and you are busy trying to solve a problem, or figure out advanced keystrokes to apply serious professional quality to your work product.  I demand quality instruction, depth of examination, variety of instructors--certified professionals and a way to certify that my investment of time is of significance.