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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

ARTING About...? Neil Young and The Bridge School Benefit Concert--Music Speaks!!!

Image of Robin Scott Peters

by Robin Scott Peters

The Bridge Concert:

My buddy Larry is a Technical Director of Theater at a California college.  He is a professional Light Designer and has a deep history in Rock & Roll concert lighting.  He also has attended more concerts than anyone I know. This past few months alone he consumed the Stones, Robert Plant, Stephan Stills and...he will chastise me because I know I have missed a slew of others.  I should pay more attention. And for close to two decades Larry has asked me to go to this supposed "amazing" event called The Bridge School Benefit Concert.  This year's Bridge School Benefit Concert (27th Annual) will be Larry's 17th in 18 years.  For most of those 17 years Larry has asked me to attend the concert with him. Trying to coordinate my life to see this supposed "amazing" event proved to never move up the "Things To Do" list.  Until last October, 2012.