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Monday, April 14, 2014

ARTING About...? And the Grammy Goes to: David Crosby's -- "Croz"

by Robin Scott Peters

My buddy Larry, whom I have written about in past articles, I consider Guru of all that is music.  Four weeks ago he gave me a gift of his newest acquisition.  "Listen to this when you get in your truck, tell me what you think?"  I sucked down the rest of my delicious Zinfandel, took the CD and read the writing in orange Sharpie: "David Crosby -"Croz."  I looked up at Larry, shook my empty glass, and said "When did this come out?"  In the clarity of a true Guru Larry flatly spat out: "Just."   "I wonder what it sounds like?"  "That's why I gave it to you?"  "Yes, true...."   I shook my glass again and he took it; and ushered me out the front door.